Electric Kettles

As with anyone who has set up a home, you understand that buying the right appliances for your kitchen can make the difference between a smooth and effective kitchen or an unreliable, inconsistent nightmare. It is considered that buying the best you can afford is always good advice. But when we all have different budgets, how can we know which is the best appliance for us?

To help make a decision on which electric kettle to buy, keep in mind the following factors;

Reliability — boiling water might seem like a simple task that one can do using a pan and a stove, but sometimes even the appliances we buy that are designed to boil water simply can’t even do that. So we want to know that the product will work, every time.
Safety – this is probably the most important factor. Buying reputable brands will ensure the safest choice. Safety features will also be more abundant in the more expensive brands, where as the cheaper brands will have only minimum safety factors.
Power — depending on how quickly you want your boiled water will depend on how powerful you want your kettle to be. Power is another of those features that gets better or higher with a higher price tag. But for most of us, any kettle will probably do.
Styling — this is a feature that we all care about, probably the most after safety. A kettle sits on your benchtop all year round and will need to suit your kitchen décor. Whether you go for brushed stainless steel, white plastic, or shiny chrome finish, the style factor of your kettle will most likely be proportionate to the amount you spend.
Durability — durability is not something that always goes according to price. Sometimes the cheapest kettles from a supermarket will outlast the most stylish, expensive offering from a premium brand. It’s good to go with recommendations in this regard, or perhaps ask the store clerk what brand has the most returns.

Top 5 Electric Kettles

Kambrook KAK36 1.7LT Cordless Kettle

This well priced, the mid-range kettle has a simple, white design and is cordless which is a great safety and practical feature. At the lower end of the price spectrum, this is a simple, good quality appliance.

Sunbeam KE9200S Cafe Series Kettle
This kettle on the higher end of the price range, but wow does it look great. The clean, sleek lines of this Sunbeam Café Series Kettle will look amazing on any bench top. The polished stainless steel and cord storage will ensure this stylish kettle always looks impressive and will take pride of place in your kitchen.

Delonghi KBH2401 1.7 Lt Kettle
The Delonghi 1.7 liter kettle, with it’s modern, sleek design will look great in any modern kitchen. The price of this electric kettle is justified by its three-level safety features.

Russel Hobbs Edinburgh Satin Cordless Kettle R/RHK2
This is a long-standing favorite and reputable kettle and small appliance brand. Russel Hobbs kettles will usually deliver a great quality product with a great design. This cute, polished stainless steel kettle looks homely and old-fashioned with the top fitted, curved handle. The price is good, and the style is excellent.

Tiffany 1.7L Corded Automatic Kettle
As far as electric kettles go, a Tiffany kettle is a favorite on the market. One of the first ports of call for any home leaver, this kettle might not be stainless steel or super flashy, but it will do the job and costs very little. With some decent safety features and not a bad style factor, this corded kettle will boil water and keep boiling water for many years to come.



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