More on Brewing

Did you know that there are many ways to brew tea? Whether you’re using everyday tea leaves or your absolute favorite, here are 5 unique methods of brewing your beverage:

1. Cold Brewing

There are certain teas that are meant to be cold-brewed- they are great for drinking during the hot summer months! Cold brewing is probably the easiest method in making iced tea. You just need a bit of patience to do this. You can use loose leaf or a bagged variant for this one. The rule of thumb should be a tablespoon of loose leaf or a teabag for every liter of tea you want to produce. Take a pitcher and fill it in with water and corresponding tea leaves or bags. Then, put it in the fridge and leave it overnight. You can enjoy the iced tea when you wake up in the morning or during warm afternoons. Steep the leaves for longer if you want a stronger-tasting tea, but 8 hours should do the trick nicely.

2. Tetsubin

You can make a cup of tea the Japanese traditional way by using a tetsubin, or a Japanese pot made of cast iron material. It’s heavy but the good thing about tetsubin-style is that the water retains heat for a far longer time as compared to regular kettles or instant electric pots. The material and make of tetsubin is so good that you can leave the water on for an hour and it will still make a steaming cup of tea!

Tetsubins usually come in with their own tea cups that you can use to enjoy the tea drinking experience. For the best results, you can simulate the tea-making and drinking ritual the Japanese have been so famous for and get to relax while you’re at it.

3. Regular Pot

Don’t have a teapot but need to brew 3 to 5 cups of tea in one go? Using a regular pot will do just nicely. This tea brewing method is excellent when you’re making masala chai but it also works well on other loose leaf variants. Take a sizable pot, add the appropriate amount of water and milk and put it on the burner. Once the mixture gets hot enough, start adding tea leaves and spices (optional). You’ll have a bit more control by using a pot as compared to a teapot since you can add spices or tea to suit your taste. A pot is the perfect brewing platform for when you’re experimenting with tea blends and for concocting that special tea drink.

4. Grandpa-Style

A simple yet excellent way to brew tea. Delicious hot tea is just a few minutes away when you use this brewing style. A large cup and some tea leaves is all you need to get started. The trick here is to use water that’s hot enough for drinking. Experts recommend putting in larger loose tea leaves in order to prevent oversteeping and making the drink more bitter than you’d like.

5. Gaiwan

Gaiwans are small ceramic tea cups that have their own lid and saucer. As such, steeping time is much faster as compared to other brewing




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