Properly Brewing Tea

How do you properly brew tea? Does it change for different types of tea? Yes, the process of brewing different types of tea differs. The basic of brewing tea is dropping tea bags into hot water. But, there are different types of tea and others will require some level of perfection to brew them. It is necessary to take into consideration the different types of the in your brewing process. You will need to add sugar, milk and other additives when preparing different types of tea. After the tea leaves have seeped the ingredients, you can remove them and drink tea. In order to get an insight on how you can prepare different types of tea in the market, here is a guide for you to prepare different types of tea:

White tea

White tea should be brewed in hot water but the water should not boil. This is necessary to avoids cases where you can scald the tea leaves which can lead to bitter taste. Always ensure you warm the water to dissolve the ingredients before you add the tea leaves. To achieve the desired warm water, boil the water and then leave it to cool for about three minutes before adding the tea leaves.

Green tea

Green tea just like white tea should not be brewed at full boil. Boil your water then cool it a bit so that it can develop the necessary warmth you need to enjoy a cup of tea. You need to allow about two minute before you can add tea leaves into the warm water.

Rooibos tea

The tea can be steeped for about 20 minutes in water which has achieved full boil. It is necessary to steep it for long so that it can release the necessary ingredients you need to enjoy good health. Even if it will take quite some time to prepare, it is necessary to always stay patient so that you can enjoy the best quality tea.

Black tea

For good tasting black tea, you should have full boil water then steep the tea in the water for up to five minutes. It is necessary to allow enough time so that the tea can dissolve necessary ingredients you need to enjoy refreshing moment. Black tea is the common type of tea in the market. It is easy to brew and is available at reasonable prices. The preparation process is easy which make many people prefer it in their daily lives.

Oolong tea

For great tasting oolong tea, you are supposed to heat water till it boils then steep the tea leaves in the water for up to 12 minutes. Always take into consideration the duration you are required to leave the tea leaves to steep. It plays a great role in making your tea achieve a given taste. There are different types of teas available. You can even opt for herbal tea. The tea does not have a lot of restrictions on how long you can boil it in water. Remember herbal tea does not have tea hence you can boil the ingredients as much as you want and you will still enjoy your cup of tea.





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